Excitation and Acquisition /

The hydraulic, 6-degree of freedom MAST system is situated 50mm above floor level within climatic test room 2, enabling excitation of large structures at low frequencies. Electrodynamic shakers enable testing at higher frequency ranges both within and outside the climatic test rooms.

Multi-Axis Shaker Table (MAST) System

Table Dimensions 3.2m x 2.2m
Indicative Performance Max. 1000kg at 3g peak acceleration
Frequency range 5-80Hz (x-axis, y-axis)
5-120Hz (z-axis}

Electrodynamic Shaker: System 1

Force (sine, peak) Max 9.8kN
Force (random, peak) Max 9.8kN
Force (shock, peak) Max 19.6kN
Frequency range DC-4000Hz
Max. Acceleration 100g (no test load)
Max. Displacement 51mm (Peak to Peak)

Electrodynamic Shaker: System 2

Force (sine, peak) Max 100N
Force (random, peak) Max 100N
Frequency range DC-8000Hz
Max. Acceleration 35g (no test load)
Max. Displacement 20mm (Peak to Peak)