The LVV exhibits at the IMAC XXXVI conference in Orlando, Florida

The LVV once again exhibited at the IMAC conference, this time in Orlando, Florida. SEM's IMAC (It's Not Just Modal Anymore) conference gathers members and attendees to participate in sharing the vision of Dick DeMichele who initiated the conference and set it on its course back in 1982. One of the unique attributes of IMAC, nurtured over the years, is the mix of analytical and experimental topics, bringing the analyst and experimentalist together as a team.

According to the IMAC website "The traditional conference barriers have been removed to foster constructive dialogue among attendees from academia, industry, and the governmental labs. It is from these meetings that technologies are shared, enhancing our aerospace industries, infrastructure, our educational endeavors and improving society in general. As lofty as this sounds, IMAC remains a friendly conference where exhibitors, presenters and attendees spend several days exchanging the ideas that fuel the coming year."

The Technical Divisions highlighting the IMAC conference program are: Dynamics of Civil Structures, Dynamic Substructures, Modal Analysis/Dynamic Systems, Model Validation & Uncertainty Quantification, Nonlinear Structures & Systems, Sensors & Instrumentation and Emerging Technologies for Structural Dynamics.

This year the conference had 527 attendees. The LVV and the wider Dynamics Research Group (DRG) here at The University of Sheffield had a very successful conference and exhibition and met many new potential collaborators. We look forward to exhibiting again at the next IMAC Conference in January 2019.

IMAC 2018 Stand -